Bonfoin Bongrain’s International Services

To facilitate and secure transactions between buyers and sellers, we take charge from A to Z:

  • Logistics: shipping or ground transportation
  • Export inspection certificates
  • Phytosanitary certificates
  • Documentary letters of credit


We’re committed to securing transactions for both farmers selling their crops and buyers in other countries. Both require guarantees to feel at ease with such large transactions.

  • Sellers are sure to be paid, because we operate bank to bank, with documentary letters of credit.
  • Buyers are sure to receive what they pay for, because we have everything checked by an independent expert. The buyer receives a report along with the inspection certificate and phytosanitary certificate. These measures are in place to identify and screen the scope of delivery.

Our vision is to deliver turnkey service by coordinating and following up throughout the process. We organize everything to ensure secure transactions and, should a complication arise along the way, we’re on hand to find solutions to carry out the transaction to the buyer’s and seller’s satisfaction, ensuring their peace of mind.

Bonfoin Bongrain has the expertise to move grain, hay and straw to and from any location worldwide. We combine the best resources and create winning conditions to secure smooth transactions!

For more information, contact one of our import-export sales representatives today.